WP3 – Capitalization work package

Ostreopsis spphas been reported from the Mediterranean waters, the common species were O. ovata with some morphotypes. Ostreopsis is mainly epibenthic dinoflagellate recorded in different substrates: sediment, macroalgae and water column. This species is known to be producing potent toxins. The first damage was concerning marine associate communities.

A specific prevalence habitat could be improved. It would show distinct biogeographical patterns in comparison with planktonic species. Specific blooming substrate and period in coastal waters sampling Ostreopsis species with different strategies were carried in marine waters.

The aims of the Capitalization workpackage which involved all partners in the project are:

  • A development of cost-effective management tools of the risks associated to the proliferation of toxic benthic dinoflagellates in a cross border perspective along Mediterranean coasts.

  • A set up of a database of historical and new records on the project web site

  • An establishment of an Ostreopsis net at the Mediterranean level

  • A spread of best practice manuals and protocols in the project framework across Mediterranean Countries

Activities deliverables are the following:

  • Summer Schools reports (months 7, 19);

  • Students reports from their trainee (month 22);

  • Historical data base established and linked to project web page (month 8).

  • Data base implemented (month 24).

  • Application form to the Ostreopsis network made available online on project web site (month 6).

  • Best practices manuals and protocols made available on line (month 18).

  • Questions & Answers” page made available online (month 18).