The Italian Web TV TRIWU ( dedicates a special section on the ENPI project M3-HABs.

Ostreopsis in the Mediterranean Sea

In this abstract, we provide a translation of the introduction proposed on TRIVU section about the project.

The ENPI project M3-HABs (Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigation of Harmful Algal Blooms) has a very neat aim: understanding the behaviour of a very small algae – Ostreopsis ovata – which now and then blooms in various spots along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, from the European shores to coasts in North Africa and Middle Eastern countries. The places where blooms are recorded are always the same, of course, but researchers are trying to understand what triggers blooms and how it may be possible to predict the critical phase, which is fairly short but can create some trouble to the population, especially during summer times and hence vacation times.

But the project M3-HABs has another important aim: setting up a communication activity towards public and private institutions (municipalities placed along the coastlines and tourism structures, for example) so that a wider knowledge of this type of phenomena can be spread, along with a greater ability to manage them. To this aim, the project gathers subjects which operate in the environment protection area as well as all those actors on the territory who are involved on the same theme.
In this direction, we notice an interesting innovative experience, as research and analysis are strictly connected to an on-field activity as well as to the research of a common language to produce a more effective communication and awareness.

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The TRIWU website also provides a link to an online questionnaire that users can fill in in order to test their knowledge of the problem and also contribute to the research:…/Questionnaires_Italian