A proposito di M3-habs

The objective of the project M3-HABs is to provide a common pan-Mediterranean strategy for monitoring benthic toxic microalgae, through the development of new, more efficient and common procedures and protocols, making the process mostly cost and time effective, allowing for most efficient monitoring designs, increasing the knowledge on environmental drivers affecting Ostreopsis blooms and translate this into a forecasting tool, and improving the general awareness of the risks related to Ostreopsis.

Given the specific objective of the Project, the following results are expected:

  1. A large awareness of the risks associated to the Ostreopsis blooms;
  2. An appropriate diffusion of caution measures set up;
  3. The production of common monitoring protocols;
  4. The development of new technologies for species-specific identification and counting;
  5. The build-up of prediction models in order to prevent and reduce risk factors for the environment, human health and economic activities.


monitoring and defined by our experts

A video production that narrates the discovery and monitoring of Ostreopsis Blooms alongside Mediterranean coasts, and summarizes sampling activities during Batroun summer school 2014.